Cornwall Youth Brass Band

Band Brest an Yowynkneth Kernow

CYBB - The Cornish Charity That Helps Young Brass Band Musicians Take Their Playing to New Heights

Band members benefit every year from two four-day residential courses. These are directed by leading conductors from the brass band world, and outstanding levels of performance are achieved in the Gala Concerts that provide the climax to every course.



Please help us to help produce the musicians of tomorrow.
We now have to raise over 20,000 a year to fund this work. 100% of every 1 you donate will help our young musicians.

All our Trustees and local tutors give their time without charge.

CYBB Awards

A number of awards are presented annually to musicians of the Cornwall Youth Brass Band.

Please select an award above to view a list of historical winners.

A R Trudgian/Maurice Westlake Youth Awards - Two Awards are presented at The West of England Bandsman’s Festival at Bugle each year to the boy and girl who as musicians of the Cornwall Youth Brass Band have made the greatest progress. Winners are nominated by the Trustees.

A R Trudgian/Maurice Westlake Youth Awards
2019 Grace Denford and Matthew Opie
2018 Grace Denford and Matthew Opie
2017 Grace Denford and Matthew Opie
2016 Megan Thomas and Gavin Rowe
2015 Megan Thomas and Matthew Brown
2014 Megan Thomas and Thomas Howard
2013 Megan Thomas and Matthew Julian
2012 Matthew Julian (Camborne Town) and Yasmin Stevens (St Austell)
2011 Yasmin Stevens (St Breward) and Dominic Turner (Camborne Youth)
2010 Jessica Tredrea (Camborne) and Christopher Bond (Camborne Youth)
2009 Joanna Rowe (Camborne) and Dominic Turner (St Dennis)
2008 Jacob Pritchard (St Dennis) and Joanna Rowe (St Dennis)
2007 Josie Brewer (St Dennis) and Andrew Julian (St Dennis)
2006 Claire Parkyn (St Dennis) and Andrew Julian (St Dennis)
Claire Parkyn (St Dennis) and Jacob Pritchard (St Dennis)
Claire Parkyn (St Dennis) and Adam Gore (Mount Charles)
2003 Emma Smith (Mount Charles) and Iain McKnight (St Austell)
2002 Kirsty McAuley (Bodmin) and Jonathan Hooper (Bodmin)
2001 Jessica Powell (St Dennis) and Adam Gore (Mount Charles)
2000 Emma Smith (Mount Charles) and Christopher Leonard (Camborne)
1999 Hannah Watkins (Porthleven) and Neil Pascoe (Mount Charles)
1998 Victoria Kellow (Penzance) and Paul Villiers (Penzance)
1997 Rachel Retallick (Camborne) and Robert Commons (St Austell)
1996 Leanne Harris (Bugle) and Simon Dobson (Bodmin)
1995 Rebecca Yeo (Mount Charles) and Christopher Netherton (Camborne)
1994 Judith Nicholas (Pendeen) and David Mathews (Mount Charles)
1993 Lisa Hancock (St Gennys) and Simon Gumma (Bodmin)
1992 Sharron Davey and Stephen Pyritt
1991 Tracey Farr and Stephen Uren
1990 Tracey Gill (Hayle) and Darren Craddock (St Dennis)
1989 Amanda Rotheroe (Hayle) and John Mitchell (Camborne)
1988 Heidi Miners (St Austell Youth) and Jeremy Squibb (St Austell Youth)
1987 Tamsin Carter (Bugle) and Timothy Eustace (Hayle)
1986 Andrea Ambrose (Saracen Brass) and Ian Hooper (Redruth)
1985 Karen Squib (St Lythans?) and Graham Sibley (St Ives)
1984 Karen Triggs (Redruth) and Nicholas Hitchins (St Austell)
1983 Not Printed in Programme
1982 Helen Rosevear (Mount Charles) and Simon Williams (Camborne)
1981 Wendy Dyer (Newquay) and Robert Fulcher (Redruth)
1980 Joanne Hughes (St Ives) and Jon Small (Mount Charles)
1979 Jackie Powell (Lostwithiel) and Kevin Caddy (Redruth)
1978 Claire Trethewey (St Dennis Youth) and Jonathan Camps (St Dennis Youth)
1977 Kathryn Sweet (Lostwithiel Youth) and Malcolm D Crews (St Dennis)
1976 Karen Whiting (Lostwithiel Youth) and David J Tonkin (Camborne Town)
1975 Pat Hobba (Lostwithiel Youth) and Philip Penglaze (Trewirgie School)
1974 Karen Davey (St Dennis Youth) and Neil Bassett Helston)
1973 Anne Marsh (Lostwithiel Youth) and Gillian Pearn (Saltash Youth), J Bunt and David Jane (Bugle)

Most Improved Player
2019 Megan Peareth
2018 Rebecca Whitford
2017 Alina Nuta
2016 Matthew Opie
2015 Ellie Joy
2014 Gregory Graves
2013 Justin Strike
2012 Matthew Rowe
2011 Dominic Turner
2010 Dany Hancock
2009 James Hammett
2008 Zoe Teague
2007 Edward Thomas
2006 Yasmin Stevens
2005 Rachael Crabb
2004 Dominic Turner
2003 Jacob Pritchard
2002 Luke Bazeley
2001 Darren Hawkin
2000 Neil Pascoe
1999 Patricia Jenkin
1998 Karen Jenkin
1997 Claire Retallack
1996 Christopher Leonard
1994/1995 Victoria Stewart
1994/1995 Victoria Stewart
1993/1994 David Mathews
1992 Annette Ellis

Players Player
2019 Siana Rouse
2018 Grace Denford
2017 Grace Denford
2016 Megan Thomas
2015 Sarah Matthews
2014 Gregory Graves
2013 Matthew Rowe
2012 Sarah Matthews
2011 Caitlin Strike
2010 Ben King
2009 Tilly Tompkins
2008 Lowenna Taylor
2007 Joanna Rowe
2006 Yasmin Stevens
2005 Kim Bazeley
2004 Laura Gillot
2003 Darren Hawken
2002 Zoe Hancock
2001 Rachel Trudgeon

Youngest Player
2019 Violet Margetts
2018 Violet Margetts
2017 Corey Williams
2016 Lia Teague
2015 Lia Teague
2014 Lia Teague
2013 Grace Thomas
2012 Holly Whale
2011 Justin Strike
2010 Chloe George
2009 Charlie Hodge
2008 James Telling
2007 Cecilia Carlisle
2006 Megan Thomas
2005 Dany Hancock
2004 Dany Hancock
2003 Edward Thomas
2002 Zoe Hancock
2001 Zoe Hancock
2000 Kayleigh Rowe
1999 Tamsin Christophers
1998 Kirsty Rowe
1997 Matthew Pitt

Most Promising Player
2019 Corey Williams
2018 Siana Rouse
2017 Matthew Osborne
2016 Cathryn Nuta
2015 Lia Teague
2014 Ryan Huxtable
2013 Sean Sjoholm
2012 Daniel Hall
2011 Ryan Wyton
2010 Ella Greenberg
2009 Charlie Hodge
2008 Caitlin Strike
2007 Ben Larham
2006 Stacie Hill
2005 Zoe Hancock
2004 Laura Bennett
2003 Zoe Hancock
2002 Naomi Cornish
2001 ?
2000 Iain McKnight
1999 Darren Hawken
1998 Adam Price
1997 Aryan O.Arji

Player of the Year
2019 Siana Rouse
2018 Katie Wenmouth
2017 Charlie Hodge
2016 Andrew Hammett
2015 Ryan Huxtable
2014 Adam Scott
2013 Matthew Rowe
2012 Rachel Sloggett
2011 Stephanie Wilkins
2010 Matthew Rowe
2009 Matthew Julian
2008 Lowenna Taylor
2007 Joanna Rowe
2006 Josie Brewer
2005 Rachel Whittaker
2004 Jessica Powell
2003 Darren Hawken
2002 Stephen May
2001 Kirsty McAuley
2000 Philip Trudgeon
1999 Kirsty McAuley
1998 Simon Dobson
1997 Gavin Knowles
1996 Steven Osborne
1995 Mark Leigh
1994 James Knight
1993 ?
1992 Richard Knight
1991 Jeremy Squibb
1990 Richard North
1989 Stephen Thomas
1988 Byron Fulcher
1987 Steven Wearne
1986 John Hitchins
1985 Karen Triggs
1984 Robert Fulcher
1983 Paul Richards
1982 Mark David
1981 Kevin Ackford
1980 James Gribben
1979 Colin Stevens
1978 Susan Rowe
1977 David Tonkin

Goff Richards Cup - Presented to the Band in 2012 by his widow Sue Richards and their son Matthew. The award is presented to the Most Promising Trombone Player.
Goff Richards Cup
2019 Morwenna Smith
2018 Morwenna Smith
2017 Daniel Sloggett
2016 Peter Richards
2015 Jasmin Quick
2014 Megan Thomas
2013 Andrew Hammett
2012 Daniel Wilmott
W.A Hunt Award - Presented to the Band in 2004 by our President W.A Hunt. To be awarded to: The Person who has made a Conspicuous Contribution to The Cornwall Youth Brass Band during the Year
W.A Hunt Award
2019 Grace Denford
2018 Grace Denford
2017 Lyn Blight, CYBB Librarian
2016 The CYBB Catering Team
2015 Megan Thomas
2014 James Gore
2013 Stephanie Wilkins
2012 Matthew Julian
2011 Phillip Hunt
2010 Dr Goff Richards
2009 Adam Bond
2008 Edward Thomas
2007 Andrew Julian
2006 Claire Parkyn
2005 Andrew Julian